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Lars Birkeland

About me:

I’m helping business owners, founders, and people who have been given responsibility for cybersecurity in their workplace.

My focus has been initiating and refining cybersecurity practices that secure operations and promote growth.

With my extensive 25-year background in cybersecurity, I offer a nuanced approach that transforms vulnerabilities into strategic advantages, fostering a secure environment for businesses to flourish in the long term.

I have held the role of CISO for over 12 years. This role is deeply intertwined with offering actionable insights and strategies in risk assessment, compliance, and Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

This expertise is critical in equipping businesses to navigate and manage cyber risks effectively, ensuring productivity and growth.


Here's how I deliver value and support to you:​

Here’s how I deliver value and support to you:
1. Risk Transformation: I turn vulnerabilities into strengths, ensuring businesses are fortified against threats.

2. Strategic Consultation: Through in-depth knowledge of compliance and ISMS, I craft cybersecurity strategies that align with business objectives.

3. Growth and Security:
I emphasize managing cyber risks to support productivity and growth, ensuring businesses remain resilient.

4. Personalized Approach:
Understanding that each business has unique needs, I tailor my strategies to provide the most effective security measures.

5. Education and Empowerment:
Beyond immediate solutions, I focus on educating clients, and enhancing their understanding and capability to manage cyber risks independently.

6. Community Building:
I’m committed to creating a community for SME business owners, fostering an environment of learning and mutual support in cybersecurity.

Through these efforts, I address businesses’ immediate cybersecurity needs and lay a foundation for their long-term security, resilience, and adaptability to evolving threats.

This comprehensive support system empowers clients to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity with confidence and strategic insight.

Lars Birkeland

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions About My Services? I Have Answers!

How Do We Get Started?

Getting started is easy. Contact me for a free initial consultation, during which we’ll discuss your business needs, current cybersecurity posture, and how our services can help protect your business. From there, we’ll outline the next steps, including a detailed cyber risk assessment and customized service proposal.

Who Needs Cyber Risk Management Services?

Any business that relies on digital technologies for its operations can benefit from cyber risk management services. This includes small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations, and organizations across all industries. In today’s digital age, virtually every business is at risk of cyber threats, making cyber risk management essential.

How Do You Conduct a Cyber Risk Assessment?

Our cyber risk assessment process involves a thorough examination of your current cybersecurity posture, including your IT infrastructure, policies, and procedures. We identify vulnerabilities, evaluate potential threats, and assess the impact of potential incidents on your business. Based on our findings, we provide a detailed report with actionable recommendations to strengthen your defenses.

Can You Help with Compliance Requirements?

Yes, I can assist your business in meeting various cybersecurity compliance requirements, such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and more. Our services include assessing your current compliance status, identifying gaps, and providing guidance on measures needed to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

What Does Your Ongoing Risk Management Program Include?

Our ongoing risk management program includes continuous monitoring of your cybersecurity posture, regular updates to your risk assessment based on new threats or changes in your business, incident response planning, and employee training programs. We work closely with you to ensure your business remains protected at all times.

How Often Should We Conduct Cyber Risk Assessments?

I recommend conducting a comprehensive cyber risk assessment at least annually or whenever significant changes occur within your business or IT environment. Additionally, our ongoing risk management program provides continuous monitoring and updates, ensuring that your business is always prepared for evolving cyber threats.

What Makes Your Cyber Risk Management Services Unique?

My services are distinguished by our tailored approach to each client’s specific needs, extensive industry expertise, and commitment to staying ahead of the latest cybersecurity trends and threats. We believe in not just solving problems but partnering with you to build a resilient and secure digital environment for your business.

How can I join the Level Up Cyber Community

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I help businesses learn and managing cyber risk through assessments and proven strategies


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